Professional Karaoke Machine Reviews

If you are a professional karaoke DJ who brings loads of disc with you so you should not waste your time as Professional Karaoke machine will hoard all the songs for you. Professional Karaoke you can locate your songs just in 1seconds which will be your fine assistant in your professional life.Professional karaoke can come in helpful not only when you plan to put up your own karaoke bar or lounge. Professional karaoke gives you supreme sound quality and production making the overall experience so much enhanced. Anyone can access a professional karaoke these days.To buy you just need to know how to recognize the features of a good karaoke machine for professional and what features to look for exactly.

Professional karaoke Comparison Chart

  • Pure Acoustics MCP-100
  • Wireless and wired microphones
  • USB/SD Card Slot-Yes
  • Easy mobility & safe carry
  • Star Rating-3.5
  • Akai Karaoke KS800 Front Load CD+G
  • 7-Inch TFT Screen
  • USB Slot-Yes
  • Front Load CD+G Player,Built-In Speaker
  • Star Rating-4.0
  • 5.5" B&W Screen
  • USB/SD Slot-Yes
  • Come with Microphone
  • Star Rating-3.4
  • Pyle PWMA860i Wireless and Portable
  • Portable and Powerful PA Sound System
  • 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Dock
  • Wireless VHF Handheld Microphone
  • Star Rating-3.8

Top Rated Professional Karaoke Machines Reviews


The MCP -100 was planned to permit you to enjoy all the character of a professional speaker with all the benefits of a moveable music box. It is loaded with all of the features that you needed. Pure Acoustic was well-known to perform the need for high-quality speakers of excellent design at a reasonable rate. It was once intended to assist you to revel in the complete advantages of a movable song field.It included wired and wireless microphones effort all together with split volume and echo controls. It is a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours and a pop-up handle this entrainment system can go wherever you go. Pure Acoustics have provided several outstanding touches, and this means it give value for money.

Echo system on wheels makes it easier to carry melody anywhere and can stream audio wirelessly from Bluetooth enabled devices like tablets, laptops, and MP3 players. The system comes with one wired and one wireless microphone for singing along to choice tunes or announcing that the dance ground is now open. There is also a guitar effort port, complete with separate volume control for practicing songs or playing shows.

Features of the Pure-Acoustics-MCP-100-Bluetooth-Telescoping:-

  • Secondary input to plug in your smart phones, mobiles, tablets or MP3 players
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours of listening enjoyment
  • USB input to attach to any USB memory stickthe voice karaoke machine
  • Bluetooth combination to your Smartphone
  • RCA input jacks for stereo effort
  • trouble-free mobility and safe hold
  • Wireless microphones included
  • 5 channel equalizer built in
  • Power output of 45 watts
  • numerous power supply
  • suitable pop up hold
  • Wheels for portability
  • split volume control
  • Guitar input
  • skilled karaoke


Singing machine SMG 903 is noticeable by knowledge features like highlighted LCD screen. The singing machine SMG- 903 karaoke system performs like a professional singer karaoke machine. Karaoke meets recording studio with the Singing Machine Professional Karaoke system with USB/SD/MMC. With a USB port and SD/MMC card slot you can place in your media and play your MP3 and record your presentation. This karaoke machine features 10W of power. A back speaker projection system and auto voice balance and echo controls for modified sound. The built-in docks allows you to attach your Apple iPod for singing along to your choice songs. It is prepared with two microphones and separately adjustable volume controls. 3.5 mm and 6.3mm adapter is built-in in the box. The measurement of the device is 31W, 50 H and 31 H. 


  • Karaoke system is acceprofessional karaoke machinessible in CD+G & MP3 playback
  • Balance and echo control add power to your voice
  • Automatic voice control combines your voice with the music
  • 10 watts of speaker projection system
  • USB port available for easy connection
  • Supports protected digital and multimedia card
  • well-matched with MP3 players like keyboards and guitars
  • Built-in 5-1/2” black and white monitor
  • Displays lyrics to assist you to sing along just by plugging your system into a TV.
  • SD/MMC and UDB thumb impel read out ports store and transfer recorded files
  • 2 microphone jacks
  • 16 demo disc track


Akai is single of the most dominant trusted brands when it comes to lofty studio superiority professional song audio equipment. Now a company is offering the similar quality to an ordinary buyer through the KS800 Front Load CD+G Karaoke System. For the initial time, they are producing customer friendly karaoke system that presents right value and unique features.The professional karaoke system is well-suited with some formats like CD+G; CD, DVD, CDR, and MP3 .it has a 7-inch colored monitor and video output capacity so you can sing along while the lyrics play on the display. USB port connectivity enables you to record and playback. It also has a stroke inn function which allows you to attach to your favorite mobile device or MP3 player.

Akai karaoke system is usually simple to operate by anyone. KS 800 is all in all with echo superiority is pretty great, video output, clear lyrics with performance and strong design at reasonable price. The system has a full-size screen in which the lyrics font size is large so does not cause any eye damage.Twist your iPad into a karaoke party machine with the Akai KS 800. With so many all set to buy these days it is grand to have a product you can have belief. Brightness effect is surely that and will be an outstanding offering. 

Features of Akai-Karaoke-KS800-Front-System:-target karaoke machine

  • Box includes microphone 1CD+G, RCA Cord, and AC adapter
  • Secondary stroke to connect an MP3 Player
  • Video output which you can attach to TV
  • well-matched with DVD/ MP/CDG/CD CDR
  • Front loading CD+G karaoke system
  • Tow microphone inputs
  • 7” TFT Color Monitor
  • Audio output
  • Built in speakers
  • Digital key control
  • Play back functions

Pyle PWMA860i Professional Wireless and Portable Karaoke System:-

This is a famous brand of the karaoke machine. It is a great source of entertainment for any occasion. Whether it is an opportunity for a birthday party, marriage celebration and any other time of making merry. This karaoke machine Pyle PWMA860i Wireless and Portable PA Speaker Sound system with 30- pin iPod/ iPhone dock, Build- in rechargeable Battery, wireless microphone, 500 watt is the best choice for making the atmosphere light and enjoy some happy moments with the family. If you are a part of the social gathering and getting bored just talking, you can make full use of it to spend some happy hours with your close ones. This professional karaoke machine has got a very powerful audio output, there is a wireless mic in your hand, so there is no tension of staying only in one place and doing the singing dancing, put you can freely move about in the entire hall or room and can make others participate in singing along with you.
The Pyle PWMA860i Wireless has got an in build iPod dock; it easily connects to your compatible iPod, and you can sing and enjoy your favorite songs. Apart from that your phone will remain charged.
Features of Pyle PWMA860i Professional Wireless and Portable Karaoke:-

costco karaoke machine• This karaoke machine has a powerful and convenient PA sound system.
• The subwoofer is 8″ inch width and 3″ inch compression tweeter.
• The system is about 500-watt power.
• The spot where you can fix your iPod to enjoy the music that is also your charging spot. When you put your iPod on the dock, your phone will get charged.
• Compact handle& beaker wheels.
• The stand of the speaker stand is of 35mm length.
• There are four input connection points – you can connect mic1, mic2, guitar and an auditory.
• It includes a wireless mic, a mic does not need a wire and is portable. You can carry it around the room freely.

So, this is the advantage and features of using a Pyle PWMA860i Wireless and Portable PA Speaker Sound system with 30- pin iPod/ iPhone dock, Build- in Rechargeable Battery, wireless microphone, 500 watt which makes entertainment easier for people especially who love singing.

VocoPro Gig Star Professional CD Karaoke System:-

This professional karaoke machine is perfect for live karaoke shows, for spending some good family time and for entertainment purposes. It is a useful application for entertainment at home. When you get bored at some family gathering, it is a perfect way to make the atmosphere joyful and create some memorable moments with your family. It is a flexible karaoke machine. This karaoke machine has got four speakers; each speaker is of 100-watt value. This karaoke set has got all the features that makes entertainment easy thing and makes the family time or even if you are at a party very very entertaining. It is also helpful if you are an aspiring singer. Even if you are a non – singer, you can try this just for amusement and entertainment purpose.
Features of VocoPro Gig Star Professional CD Karaoke System :- 

• It has got sonant control; it means that you can cancel the voice source if you want. You can cancel the song and sing on your own.
pro karaoke machine• The power of the speaker is about 100 watt.
• This karaoke machine can also get connected to ¼ inch guitar and also keyboards.
• It has also got additional features to dramatize your sound. Features like echo, repeat and seven different frequencies set up can be for the music productivity.
• These VocoPro Gig Star Professional CD Karaoke System are perfect for a live performance at parties, family gatherings to make an enjoyable mood and celebration.
• It also acts as DVD Player so that you can enjoy songs and movie in this karaoke machine.
• You can also tune to your favorite FM radio stations and hum also with the songs being played in the radio FM.
• There are fourteen auto- key control for playing the music according to your settings and choices.
• There is also a remote provided for easy control. You will not have to reach out the karaoke machine continuously and can make settings from a distance.

So, these are benefits and features of VocoPro Gig Star Professional CD Karaoke System which apart from providing enjoyment at parties and family get together, can also provide you with radio services by playing FM and also helps DVD playing services to you.

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Karaoke System:-

It is also one of the famous models of karaoke machine which is in demand by many people because of its extraordinary features. It has got such remarkable features that will rock your party and make you feel like a rockstar. Many people enjoy singing regardless of the fact that whether they have a good voice and can they sing? It will help you in making merry and have some enjoyable time with your family.

Features of Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Karaoke System:-

• It functions with music. It can take any music be it music from the phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It can transfer music from any source and play it with ease. You can play songs on karaoke machines from youtube.professional karaoke equipment

• There are the auto-correction system on the karaoke machine which converts the voice of the singer into a sweet one; it makes the listener feel as if they are listening to a professional singer. When your voice is like a professionals singer, you will be encouraged and enjoy the singing even if you are not a professional singer.

• Apart from auto- correction of a harsh voice, it also leads to correction of high pitch sound. It is the perfect singing equipment for the beginners, who have just begun singing and are aspiring singers. It is also of great benefit to those who are trained musicians and have some years of experience.

• There are three different levels of correction of voice in this karaoke machine. So, you get three various stages of voice correction.

• There is also an option where you get back- up singers, just by pressing a button. If you need more than one singer for background voice when you are singing, you just need to push the button of instant back- up singers. It will create the voices of at least five background singers. So, it is advantageous, as you do not need an extra person to sing along with you.

• This karaoke has given also given the service of home theater to the people. It has got 40 watts, ultra-compact, movable stereo, and woofer system.

• A high standard microphone. It creates a sound that is larger than life. It will make you feel as if there are large number of back- up singers with you.


The karaoke machines are the best for entertainment purpose. Be it any social gatherings, family time, birthday parties or any other occasion. The karaoke machines are one of the best methods of making merry with your family. It is for those people who love singing but cannot sing nicely and also for those you know singing. It does not matter whether you know singing or not. It is a great source of entertainment to the people. You can sing and dance. You can play DVD and listen to music and watch movies. Apart from that karaoke machines have features that make you are singing excellent. It has got all the features to make your bad singing sound right. Apart from that karaoke machine has also got radio and FM applicants so that you can enjoy the songs of radio and hum the tunes of your favorite songs. So, overall professional karaoke machines are of significant advantage and bring and happiness in social and family gatherings.