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Best Karaoke Machine For Kids In 2024 Buyer Guide

Kids love to sing and dance there’s no doubt about that. They have a wonderful lack of self-consciousness that makes something like a karaoke machine the perfect gift for them.

Most toy manufacturers have taken note and the result is that the market is flooded with scores of karaoke machines for kids that range in quality from outstanding to dreadful and in price from cheap to affordable to “Are you kidding me?”

Most of the most popular kids’ karaoke machines today have some sort of product tie-in and that’s fine. We’re not here to debate the pros and cons of marketing to kids, we’re here to present our reviews of the best kids’ karaoke machines. So without further ado here are our choices.

Best Kids Karaoke Machine Reviews

1. Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player

One way to tell whether something is well designed from an aesthetic point of view is how well it holds up when you change colors and the Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke System is a prime example. It looks just as handsome whether it is clad in girly pink or boyish black. But the SML-283P is more than just a pretty face.

This is a high-quality kids’ karaoke system that’s light and dependable, plays songs from your child’s handset, and has a built-in disco light capability that ramps up the fun at birthday parties. While audio controls are not robust the sound is sufficiently high-quality as to make the conversation about missing audio controls moot.

best karaoke machine for kids reviewsThe SML-283P Karaoke Player from Singing Machine isn’t missing much although in a curious twist, it includes a CD player (which we would have thought that obsolete technology by now). Beyond that, as a karaoke machine for kids, it’s blissfully simple to operate so you won’t find your young one has given up on it and shoved it under their bed along with their “Hobbit” action figures.

All in all it’s a simple device with some convenient and interesting features, it’s well-built and dependable and has a definite visual appeal. If you’re looking for a cute, dependable karaoke machine for your child that won’t break your bank the SML-283P Karaoke Player from Singing Machine will do the job and more.
[su_row][su_column class=”pros-col”][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#009906″ radius=”0″ class=”pros”]
Your child can play songs from their iPod or MP3 player.

Disco light feature is a big hit at a birthday party.

 Interface directly with your TV to view graphics and lyrics.

 Extremely light and easy for kids to carry.

 Can be plugged in or powered by batteries (not included).

[/su_box][/su_column][su_column class=”cons-col”][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#990008″ radius=”0″ class=”cons”]  No option for recording your child’s singing efforts.

Comes without a monitor (although it can be run through the TV) [/su_box][/su_column]

2. Frozen Deluxe Karaoke with Screen 69127

If your daughter is in Karaoke at all she’s likely heard of the Disney Frozen Karaoke Machine. She may have even asked you specifically to get one for her. If she did then we have to commend her for her good taste because the Frozen 69127 Karaoke Machine occupies the upper echelons of the kid’s karaoke machine industry.

The Frozen Karaoke Machine comes ready to plug and play and is festooned with high-quality images of characters from the best frozen Disney karaoke machineanimated classic. There’s a CD+G with a couple of hit songs from the film and if that’s not enough dock your phone into the hold and play all your favorite songs from that device.

Even though the Frozen Deluxe 69127 has a plastic feel, it somehow manages also to score high points for design. This is, after all, a kid’s karaoke machine and it does a great job appealing to that demographic with its attractive colors and clean, crisp images. Beyond the looks, though the 69127 gets high marks for compatibility both with other source players such as the full range of i-devices and most TVs.

Also, there’s no need to collect CDs to get the most out of the machine. The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a karaoke machine for your daughter, one that will engage her from a design and convenience standpoint, the Frozen Deluxe 69127 is more than up to the task.
[su_row][su_column class=”pros-col”][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#009906″ radius=”0″ class=”pros”]
Compatible with iPod, iPad, and tablet.

 Includes built-in monitor.

 Capable of interfacing with TV.

Ready to go out of the box.

Lightweight for easy portability.

[/su_box][/su_column][su_column class=”cons-col”][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#990008″ radius=”0″ class=”cons”]  Feels more than a little plasticky.

No ability to record. [/su_box][/su_column]

3. Hello Kitty 68109 Super Karaoke

You’d have to be living under a pretty big rock not to be familiar with Hello Kitty, the iconic Japanese girl’s cartoon character whose image has been licensed for everything from lunch boxes and hair clips to cars.

Vivitar uses this same design platform for a variety of different licensed books including “The Voice” and this Hello Kitty version. It’s a versatile design that’s effective and works well with the cutesy HK character and color scheme.

The machine best hello kity karaoke machine for kidsitself is compact and (relatively) powerful with the ability to accommodate 2 mics simultaneously and a port for your mobile handset as well. The screen is small but the image quality is pretty good and since you can connect it directly to your flat-screen TV any screen shortcomings are a minor point anyway.

The Hello Kitty gets high marks for build quality and compatibility. You have a half dozen potential sources for music which means your daughter will never be at a loss for new tunes to rock out to.

That compatibility is important because the built-in screen, while serviceable enough if she’s using it in the back of the minivan, isn’t going to cut it around the house. So it’s a good thing the 68109 hooks easily into the nearest TV.

The device provides echo and balance control but chances are your youngster isn’t going to care much about that. They’ll just want to play and the Hello Kitty loves to play.
[su_row][su_column class=”pros-col”][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#009906″ radius=”0″ class=”pros”]
Compatible with AC or battery power.

 A decent number of audio control features.

 Ready to go right out of the box.

 Source tunes from your i-device or use CD/CD+G.

 Can be fed through your TV.

[/su_box][/su_column][su_column class=”cons-col”][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#990008″ radius=”0″ class=”cons”]  The 2nd mic jack is pointless if you don’t have your own 2nd mic.

  A bit pricey [/su_box][/su_column]

4. Disney’s Frozen Karaoke Machine 66227 with Bonus FREE CD-G

This is a variation on the popular Frozen 69127 Karaoke Machine for kids and sports which is, in our opinion, a much more attractive and compelling design (not that the 69127 was any slouch mind you).

The 66227 is intended to resemble a vanity mirror complete with frame lights and as a piece of industrial design, it works spectacularly.

Because it has a wide circular base it’s also one of the most stable portable kid’s karaoke machines on the market and that’s important because kids tend to knock things over because, hey, they’re kids.

All that said the 66227 feature listkaraoke machine under 10 year old is nearly identical to that of the 69127 although it also provides a Bonus karaoke music CD+G for those who still care about CDs.

While we’re not big fans of most of the monitors included on kids’ karaoke machines when a device like this doesn’t have one we feel the absence all the time. Let’s face it, kids want to take their portable karaoke device with them which means they’re not always going to be in the range of a TV to plug into.

Not having a screen then becomes an issue. And that’s a shame because we’re serious fans of the design in play here. Some real thought and ingenuity went into crafting this device. The kind we wish more manufacturers would exhibit.
[su_row][su_column class=”pros-col”][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#009906″ radius=”0″ class=”pros”]
Compatible with a range of i-devices.

 AC or battery power options.

 Good to excellent sound quality for a portable karaoke device.

 Compatible with your TV.

 Ready to go out of the box.

[/su_box][/su_column][su_column class=”cons-col”][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#990008″ radius=”0″ class=”cons”]  Like its sister the 69127 there is no option to record.

No built-in monitor. [/su_box][/su_column]

5. Kidzlane Karaoke Machine for Kids Sing-Along

This Kidzlane Karaoke Machine takes a different approach to the whole enterprise by embracing the notion of the mic stand. That mic stand features a Y junction that allows for 2 mics to be in play simultaneously which, if the kids can stay out of each other’s way as they stand side by side, is a pretty neat feature.

Kidzland also includes 3 dance beats that can be used as audio background or filler for those rare times nobody is ready to take the mic at the best kids karaoke machineparty.

There’s also a nifty “applause” feature that the kids are going to love. The volume is easily adjustable and there’s a crude but good enough “light show” your 3-year-old will probably think is the best thing since birthday cake.

This is one instance where the lack of a monitor is not such a big deal since the kids will be standing at the mic and vamping like rock stars. It’s a clever idea that effectively masks what could otherwise be considered a drawback.

Upside features include wide-ranging compatibility with sourcing devices, the simple but kid-friendly light show, and the backbeat tracks that help fill the void when no one knows what to play next.
[su_row][su_column class=”pros-col”][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#009906″ radius=”0″ class=”pros”]
Nifty mic stand design will engage boys and girls.

Can accept input from CDs, MP3, i-devices and flash drive.

 Easily adjustable volume controls.

 CD player has anti-skip feature.

 Fun light show built in.

[/su_box][/su_column][su_column class=”cons-col”][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#990008″ radius=”0″ class=”cons”]  No ability to plug in meaning you’ll go through batteries.

Mic input can be drowned out a bit by the backing tracks. [/su_box][/su_column]

6. VTech Learning Tunes Karaoke

This is a toddler karaoke machine for the littlest ones in the family. The VTech Learning Tunes Karaoke machine is as much a sing-along machine as it is karaoke and that’s fine because the target audience here is 3-year-olds just getting their language footing.

The design is very cutesy and kids friendly as it should be and there is no monitor kids karaoke machine with screensimply because 3-year-olds aren’t going to care about such things anyway.

What makes it a great gift for your niece or nephew is the menu of standard sing-along-to-learn songs we all sang to when we were tikes including “Hickory Dickory Dock”, “This Old Man” and “Sing a Song of Sixpence”.

The VTech Learning Tunes Karaoke Machine is for the youngest of your kids and fulfills its purpose with ease and a certain amount of happy flair. Your son or daughter is likely to spend as much time playing with the cutesy robot as they will singing along to the included tunes and that’s fine.

If there’s a drawback it’s that the mic only engages when you’re playing one of those included tunes which eliminates any independent singing or horsing around with the mic.
[su_row][su_column class=”pros-col”][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#009906″ radius=”0″ class=”pros”]
Includes 15 standard sing-alongs.

3 play modes: letters, numbers, and fun songs.

A surprising number of audio control options.

Runs on 3 AA batteries.

Simple but effective LCD screen with basic facial expressions.

[/su_box][/su_column][su_column class=”cons-col”][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#990008″ radius=”0″ class=”cons”]  Mic only engages when one of the pre-programmed songs is playing.

You’ll run through batteries pretty quickly. [/su_box][/su_column]

7. Little Pretender Karaoke Machine with 2 Mics & Adjustable Stand

This is another mic-stand karaoke machine aimed at the younger ones although it’s likely to be compatible with a wider age range than something like the VTech Learning Tunes machine reviewed above.

That’s because the design cues are not so aggressively cutesy they’ll turn off 5 or 6-year-olds and the mic stand can be adjusted to accommodate slightly older, slightly taller kids. There’s also a secondary mic (included) so that your child’s friend pink karaoke machine for kidscan sing along duet style.

The Little Pretender is compatible with a range of input devices and, although there’s no monitor involved here, it’s still likely to become a favorite at birthday parties and the like.

This kid’s karaoke machine with 2 microphones is one of the most adaptable out there since it’s just as likely to appeal to 8-year-old boys as it is to 4-year-old girls and vice versa. It’s generally well built and the adjustable stand is a major asset.

If you have more than one young one it’s likely this will wind up something of an heirloom passed down from the older kids to the younger. The foot pedals that cue background tracks and applause are another great feature your kids are going to love. This is a karaoke machine kids will love and that will appeal to the widest age range of both boys and girls.
[su_row][su_column class=”pros-col”][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#009906″ radius=”0″ class=”pros”]
Mic stand adjusts up to 40 inches.

2nd mic allows for duets.

Gender-neutral design cues make it great for boys and girls.

 Good to very good sound quality.

Great for allowing your child’s inner performer to come to the fore.

[/su_box][/su_column][su_column class=”cons-col”][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#990008″ radius=”0″ class=”cons”]  No TV compatibility.

The platform is susceptible to being stepped on. [/su_box][/su_column]

8. Kidzlane Kids Karaoke Machine MP3 Music Player

We round out our list of the best karaoke machines for kids with a second entry from the folks at Kidzlane. This is a deceptively versatile little machine designed for 3 to 5-year-olds yet technologically advanced beyond its years.

You can store up to 100 songs in the unit’s memory, plus you have a range of sourcing devices meaning your child is never without songs to sing along with. In addition, there are 2 working mics so they can rock out with their best kids karaoke machinefriends or siblings. You also have the option of plugging the device into a wall socket or running it on batteries which is another big plus.

The Kidzlane Karaoke Machine for kids with an MP3 player is surprisingly versatile for such a basic-looking device. You might expect it’s going to offer next to nothing as far as compatibility goes and that it’s going to be battery-powered only but you’d be wrong.

It’s a classic case of “don’t judge a book by its cover”. We like the combination of multiple sourcing options, dual powering options, the 2 mics, and the fact that it can be used as an FM radio.

The fact that Kidzland can pack so much versatility into such a reasonably priced child karaoke machine makes you wonder a little why other machines that aren’t as versatile often cost more.
[su_row][su_column class=”pros-col”][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#009906″ radius=”0″ class=”pros”]
512 MB SD card to store tons of songs.

Bluetooth, USB, MP3, and Aux compatible for even more sourcing options.

Includes 2 working mics.

 Also functions as an FM radio.

Very light and portable.

[/su_box][/su_column][su_column class=”cons-col”][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#990008″ radius=”0″ class=”cons”]  No monitor or TV compatibility.

Extremely basic design.[/su_box][/su_column]


Kids’ karaoke machines run the gamut from ultra-simplistic little boxes that feature classic singalongs to fully adjustable mic-stand beauties that let your child indulge their inner performer while sourcing music from a wide range of high-tech devices. The ones that made this list proved themselves to our product reviewers with their combination of build quality and performance.

As such we do not doubt that if you choose one of the above machines for your little one they’ll derive endless hours of fun from it. And isn’t that what it’s all about?