Best Professional Karaoke Machine 2022 Reviews

The professional karaoke machine is intended for people who are serious about their singing or who wish to install a high-quality unit in their entertainment venue, like a pub. These systems tend to offer the best features, improved ways to modulate the voice and multiple ways to access songs.

The units themselves after often designed to hook up to existing speakers or home cinema/entertainment systems. It depends on the package as to what they include with some products being a standalone karaoke unit whereas others have microphones, digital displays, and other extras. The intention here is to match what’s in the box with the equipment you already own to create a complete, usable system.

When you want a system with significant power output, excellent echo and other vocal features to modulate the singer’s voice to make it fit the track better, and provide multiple ways to access tracks, then a professional karaoke machine is the way to go. Do consider whether you’ll want 1,2 or 4 ports to plug in a microphone (and if you need to buy some extra mics separately) as a system cannot expand its support from two mics to four mics post-purchase.

Professional Karaoke Machine Comparison Chart

  • Pure Acoustics MCP-100
  • Wireless and wired microphones
  • USB/SD Card Slot-Yes
  • Easy mobility & safe carry
  • Star Rating-3.5
  • Singtrix Party Bundle Karaoke Machine
  • MP3 Player with voice recording feature
  • USB Slot-Yes
  • Pro-quality Mic Stand with Boom Arm
  • Star Rating-4.0
  • VocoPro DVD-Duet karaoke System
  • Compatible with CDG, VCD, DVD, MP3, HDCD, CD-R, CD-RW, and JPEG formats
  • Digital key controller
  • Multiformat karaoke system
  • Star Rating-3.4
  • Pyle PWMA860i Wireless and Portable
  • Portable and Powerful PA Sound System
  • 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Dock
  • Wireless VHF Handheld Microphone
  • Star Rating-3.8

Here are The Ten Best Professional Karaoke Machines

Pure Acoustics MCP-100 Karaoke Machine Sound System with Telescoping Handle & Wheels

The Pure Acoustics MCP-100 Extreme Portable Bluetooth Party Karaoke Machine is an interesting option for people who travel around and want a machine that’s easy to move.

The MCP-100 is designed almost like an upright suitcase complete with the telescoping handle to pull it along behind you. No more carrying a heavy karaoke machine from venue to venue and risking putting your back out. The only heavy lifting is bringing it down from the trunk to the ground and then wheeling is behind professional karaoke machine reviews

The Bluetooth connectivity is useful for wireless microphones, but the machine also supports wired mics too. There’s also an auxiliary input socket to insert your digital device (MP3+G MP3 player, smartphone or tablet). The tracks play, and anyone can sing along. There’s even an input port to plug in a guitar and add some riffs to an existing track while singing or performing a duet (the guitar level can be adjusted to not overwhelm the track).

The USB port and SD card slot make it easier to add media with songs stored on them. The built-in speaker provides plenty of quality sound for 10 hours unplugged via the rechargeable battery. This is ideal for a venue or having a party at home that lasts a few hours. One wireless mic is included.

  Attractive orange speaker cover at the front

  Made life a suitable on wheels and with a telescoping handle for easy pulling

  45-watts of power

10 hours rechargeable battery

The wireless mic includes operating on 202.75MHz frequency

  Recharged on both 110v and 220v power systems for international use

  USB port and SD card slot to add new songs from storage
  No internet connectivity

Suitcase style design won’t suit everyone or people who only want a pro system for home or one without a speaker built-in

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System (#SGTX1)

The Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System is an upgraded system to use at home. The featured SKU is the Party Bundle which includes a wired microphone, a micro stand, the Singtrix foot speaker, a smartphone/tablet stand to view song lyrics, and an orange control system at hand level.

There’s the option to purchase a separate speaker or wired microphone to add or replace components to the SGTX1 system. The system has the backing of TV shows like the Shark Tank and the Today Show.professional karaoke equipment

There’s a vocal enhancement system with three levels. More than 300 audio effects let you add to the singing track and create different interesting effects to give your music a different spin. There’s support for harmonies by up to four people at a time, along with enhancements for the bridge or when getting to the chorus. The whole package is truly advanced for practicing singers.

The supplied wired microphone is designed to access harmony engagement and other features without having to mess with the control panel to do so. The system also supports using YouTube lyric videos and karaoke videos using your own mobile device for viewing and connectivity.

Party Bundle including the speaker, wired microphone, mic stand, smartphone/tablet stand and control console

Over 300 effects

2.1 Stereo Surround speakers outputting 40-watts with a Subwoofer

Works with YouTube videos for songs and lyrics

The hard tone feature helps to re-tune off-pitch singing to make it sound better
 Not everyone finds their vocal modifications work out how they wished

VocoPro Gig Star Professional CD Karaoke System

The VocoPro Gig Star Professional CD Karaoke System is a portable system designed for karaoke sessions at different locations and for home use. The rectangularly shaped system has a 4-speaker combination pumping out around 100 watts of music and singing. It playsMP3+G music via CDs to get the music and lyrics together.professional karaoke machine with screen

There are ¼-inch sized inputs for an electronic guitar and keyboard making this ideal for modest-sized gigs with live musicians. There’s an AM and FM radio tuner when this is needed as an alternative music source. Two XLR professional microphone ports are present plug in a couple of quality microphones. There’s also a 7-band equalizer to balance out the full sound too. The repeat, delay, and echo provide digital enhancements to the sound quality too.

The 14-step remote controller provides direct access to the voice enhancement features. Tuning the sound to the room is possible to let the music fill the venue. It’s also possible to plug in external speakers and split between internal and external speaker options.

4-speaker system (100 watts)

Switch between internal and external speakers

Plugs for two XLR microphones and external speakers

7-band equalizer

The CD player that supports MP3+G

AM/FM Tuner

Voice enhancements to digitally adjust the voice with reverb, delay and more

Digital remote controller

Two microphones supplied
  Cannot easily connect to a smartphone, iPhone or tablet

CD player tends to be unreliable or fail after months of use

Pyle PWMA860i Wireless and Portable PA Speaker Sound System 

The Pyle PWMA860i Wireless and Portable PA Speaker Sound System is one you can wheel in like a suitcase with its set of castor wheels and telescoping handle at the rear.

On top are the controls and a 30-pin dock for either an iPhone or an iPod. There’s a rechargeable battery which means the PWMA860i can run without a power outlet for a few hours at a time.karaoke machine professional wireless

The speaker system has both an 8-inch subwoofer and a 3-inch tweeter (compression) and successfully pumps out 500-watts. The speaker sits on a 35mm mount for it that holds it securely in place.

There are ¼-inch connectors for a guitar, an audio in, and two microphones. Along for the fun is a VHF wireless handheld mic that has a range of 100 feet with clear line of sight. There’s a built-in AC adapter for easier charging. The audio input makes it possible to connect a separate audio device, but the iOS device does that as well.

500-watt multi-part speaker system with subwoofer and tweeter

  Sturdy 35mm speaker mount

VHF microphone supplied with a 100 feet range

Audio in 1/4 -inch socket to add external audio

30-pin iPod or iPhone socket to play songs from an iOS device

  AC Adapter

Rechargeable battery

Separate ¼-inch ports for a guitar and two microphones

  Weak plastic microphone

Speakers aren’t as loud as one would hope

Battery only lasts about half an hour in some tests

Akai KS800 Front Load CD&G Karaoke System

The Akai KS800 Front Load CD&G Karaoke System is a beast. It has space at the top for an iPad positioned in a landscape orientation. At the front is a CD player that lets you add your own CDs for new music as needed. There’s also a 7-inch color display that can show lyrics while singing.akai professional karaoke machine review

The speaker at the bottom of the stack provides 10 watts of output which is enough to spread music through a smaller room. There’s a line in port to plug in external audio. However, there’s also a USB port to plug in an MP3 player or another device that can play audio via the device or act as a storage center for songs.

The package includes a microphone, an AC adapter, and a demo CD to try out. The microphone sits in its own holder to the right of the speaker halfway up. There’s also a bank of controls in the center below the color display with volume, balance, microphone volume, and various playback controls for the CD player too.

All-in-one Karaoke system stack

Tablet holder at the top, the 7-inch color display for lyrics, control deck, and speakers below that

  The line in and USB port to add music sources

  CD player and supports MP3+G songs

AC adapter

  Microphone supplied

10-watt speakers

Hooks up to external speakers too

Use up to two microphones

Connect to a TV for a larger picture
  A microphone isn’t powerful compared to audio


The Singing Machine SMG-903 is a classic looking system for installing a karaoke setup in your home or small venue. It comes with a CD player for loading karaoke-ready CDs and a 5.5-inch black and white display to show the lyrics as the song professional karaoke system

There’s a digital readout below show the track’s progress to give an idea how many seconds are left and how long the current song is. There are numerous knob controls on either side of the display providing control of volume for each microphone, speaker volume plus control of iPod sound levels, external keyboard, and guitar sound levels too.

There’s audio out jacks to plug the sound system into a larger speaker system. A speaker at the front is provided in case you don’t have a separate speaker available. There’s one wireless microphone provided too.

Both an SD card and USB port are available to add media to songs. Play MP3+G MP3 tracks on a smartphone, connect via USB and head the music on the speaker. Controls are also present for balance between speakers, reverb and voice controls.

Classic karaoke machine

Have own speakers at the front

Slot in an SD card or plug-in media or a smartphone via USB port

  Play MP3+G songs from SD card or media

Audio out jack to connect to external speakers

  Supports two microphones

One wireless mic provided

Plug in keyboard or guitar

Volume control for mics, keyboard, and guitar
  Some occasional quality issues crop up with some models

Customer service on the 800 number isn’t always as responsive as one would expect

ION Audio IPA46 Karaoke Pro Professional Karaoke System for iPad

The ION Audio IPA46 Karaoke Pro Professional Karaoke System is expressly designed to sit an iPad Pro on top of it to use as a display. The system is Bluetooth enabled to connect to the iPad, but the talet still needs to be plugged into power.

 professional karaoke system reviewsThe speaker system has an attractive microphone image. It’s powerful enough to be used as an amplifier in its own right. There’s one wireless microphone provided with the system too.

A free app is provided that works on the iPad and helps to sync up the MP3+G songs with the system. The echo modification that’s included with the system complements the free app to get the best out of both the music and voice.

There’s also a rechargeable battery offering 10-12 hours of continued use.

Tough wood and aluminum construction

Bluetooth enabled karaoke speaker system

Add iPad or iPad Pro to the top of the system

12 hours rechargeable battery

Supports MP3+G songs and longer playlists with more information

Echo effect to lengthen vocals

Wireless microphone

Comes with a Karaoke app for iPad
  Low volume level

Weak microphone

MUSYSIC Complete Professional 2000 Watts Complete PA System 

The MUSYSICComplete Professional 2000 Watts is a much more professional unit that looks completely different from other ones reviewed above.

It has a dual speaker system on triangular stand configuration for greater stability. The speakers have a plastic case which is a little disappointing but does make them lighter to transport to gigs. They’re the two-way type with 800-watts of thumping vocals and music with a 200-watt RMS included. There are two wireless microphones provided with support for individualized adjustments within the system.professional dj karaoke systems

The mixing deck controls 6 separate channels and has its own amplifier that has a 2,000-watt peak level too. There’s also an ample audio cable and two 25-foot speaker cables to position them on opposite sides of the room. There’s a separate control system for two VHF microphones to manage their setup and volume levels individually.

Also, an AUX port is present to plug in a computer or other computing or mobile device to access other music tracks.

The system is pricier than others reviewed so far. However, if you want a quality system that provides professional-quality vocals at a small venue, then consider this option. It’s more than what most homes will require, but ideal for small venues.

High-quality professional karaoke system and one some musicians use at live venues

Two speakers 800-watt total sound

Speaker stands and 25-foot dual speaker cables

Mixing deck for 6 channels

Support for two wireless VHF mics with different volume level settings

AUX port to hook up a computer or audio equipment
  Speakers are smaller than they appear in the photos

Rockville Dual 12″ Laptop/iphone/ipad/Android/TV Youtube Karaoke Machine/System

The Rockville Dual Karaoke system is similar to the previously reviewed one. It’s a professional system that can be used at venues.

There are two 12-inch speakers pumping out 1,000 watts including 200 RMS. The speakers include premium features like aluminum coils to protect the vocals and a compression tweeter to preserve the pure sound. The speaker stands rise to a good height and are sturdy. There are several RCA cables provided to hook up the system.professional karaoke machine for sale

The system itself is designed to be fixed to a rack just like a server mounting and has two screw holes on either side of the frame for this express purpose.

Bluetooth is supported within unit because a laptop, Android, TV, iPad or iPhone can all control the system wirelessly from a distance. There’s also the option to plug in an iPod or thumb drive to the USB port too.

Four wireless quality cardioid-based mics are supplied with the system. The mic system can manage each mic separately too. There’s also the option to plug the mics in via a cable for a solid connection if any interference is experienced at the venue.

Professional Karaoke system with numerous features for the Pro

Rack mounted

The system supporting for wireless or wired mics

Two speakers and stands offering a total of 1,000 watts of perfect sound quality

The higher quality wiring

Manage the songs from an iPhone, iPad, laptop, Android device or TV

4 wireless microphones provided

SD card slot and USB port for MP3 player support

Equalizer with settings for rock, pop, classical, jazz, country or normal
  Requires good Bluetooth reception to get the best out of the system

VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W CD / Dual Cassette / AM / FM Karaoke System

The VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W CD / Dual Cassette / AM / FM Karaoke System is a versatile one with support for everything from cassette decks to CDs to DVD to digital media formats. Support extends to JPEG images, CD discs, DVDs, VCDs, CD+G Karaoke discs, and HDCD and MP3 too.

There’s a vocal range adjuster to restrict the key on music played to match the singer. A remote control lets the system user adjust from a discrete distance too.VocoPro DVD-Duet 80W CD Dual Cassette AM FM Karaoke System

Two wireless microphones are provided along with plenty of audio cables. This is a good home system that pushes out 80-watts on audio across to 4 speakers that push audio in two directions at once. There’s bounce protection for the DVD drive too, so kids dancing around the room aren’t likely to make the track skip either.

Two mic inputs control the vocal output level as needed. A 5-band equalizer helps to modify the music or vocals to match better and sound better suited. Output sockets let the speakers get diverted to external ones.

The ideal system for the home

4 speakers provide two-way audio and 80 watts in total

Out jacks to connect to external speakers

Graphics equalizer (5-band)

Play songs on cassette and record on a second cassette

Access media on cassette decks, CDs, DVD and digital media formats

  Access JPEG images, CDs/DVDs, VCDs, MP3, CD+G Karaoke discs, and HDCD

Digital controller remote

Control pitch to match vocals with the track
  May only last 1-2 years


Buying a professional karaoke machine, you really have to know what you want it for. There are professional models that are designed to be used in the home, some for small venues and others for larger ones. Some best karaoke machines also support two microphones whereas others offer 4 vocals at once. Once you narrow down what you really want, then it becomes much easier to pick the ideal product for your needs.