The idea with a portable karaoke machine is that it’s a single unit that you can pick up and move around or transport to a secondary location. Depending on the sophistication of the product, some are clearly designed for home use whereas others could support a small to medium-sized venue, especially when they can be hooked into existing speakers at the venue.

Many portable units come with built-in amplifiers to avoid the need for a venue to have one. One or more speakers are built into the unit to deliver pleasing sound quality around the room or venue. The speaker wattage can range from 5 watts up to hundreds of watts. Sound quality depends very much on the manufacturer and which model is selected.

For power, it depends on how large the battery is, how much power is consumed per hour and whether the machine can plug into an external power source when needed. Most units also have their own display which varies in resolution, image quality, and displays size.

Best Portable Karaoke Machine Comparison Chart

  • GPX J082PR Portable Karaoke Player
  • Adjustable Echo Effect
  • Input For Optional Second Microphone
  • Automatic Voice Control
  • Star Rating-3.5
  • Electrohome Karaoke Machine Portable
  • Built-in High Performance Speakers
  • play CD/CD+G discs & MP3/MP3+G , USB flash drive
  • Digital Echo & key Controls
  • Star Rating-4.0
  • Karaoke USA GQ367 Portable Karaoke CDG Player
  • Top-loading CD+G drive
  • 2 Microphone Inputs
  • AUX input for iPod, Zune, MP3 Players
  • Star Rating-3.0
  • Singing Machine SML-383 Portable CDG Player Karaoke Machine,
  • Portable CDG karaoke system with disco lights
  • 2 microphone jacks with separate volume controls
  • Disco Light Effect,Auto voice control
  • Star Rating-3.3

Here Are The Top 8 Portable Karaoke Machines Reviews

Pure Acoustics Wireless Portable Bluetooth PA Audio Speaker Party Karaoke Machine

The Pure Acoustics Wireless Portable Bluetooth PA system is a cool unit with a carry handle at the top and a pair of wireless mics, one on each side. The front-facing circular speaker grill bears the Pure Acoustics’ branding too.

best portable karaoke machine reviewsThe model comes in four color schemes: black, red and black, yellow and black, or a pale gray version. The speaker has a 40-watt output with an 8-inch woofer and a 3-inch tweeter. The battery is only a 2.6 Ah 12-volt rechargeable one. There’s also a power LED reader to check battery levels and a claimed 10-hour usage. Fortunately, there’s also a supplied power adapter to plug the unit into the power outlet too.

There’s both a USB and SD port to connect an MP3 or Apple iPod to access songs from your device. Bluetooth support is also provided. Both wireless mics have separate volume, frequency and echo settings. There’s a 1.5-inch LCD display and a remote provided. Bass and treble levels are adjustable. Karaoke sessions can also be recorded for posterity too.

Portable karaoke with two wireless mics with separate frequencies, volume and other settings

 Connect via Bluetooth

Hookup smartphone, iPod, iPhone, or flash drive via USB port

  Insert an SD card with karaoke songs

Record performance on external media

1.52-inch LCD screen

Bass and treble adjustment

2.6-Ah rechargeable battery and LED battery meter

Power cable

40-watt speaker output
  Bluetooth can suffer from interfering with other devices in the vicinity

Charging port needs to be treated with kid clothes as it can snap off when not treated with care

Customer care not what it might be

Pyle Portable Pa Speaker Karaoke Machine

The Pyle Portable Pa Speaker Karaoke Machine Speaker Boombox is a combination system to carry into a venue and setup. It has an ample 7-inch color LCD display on the top along with control knobs to adjust settings.portable karaoke system

Bluetooth connectivity on the 20kHzfrequency is supported. There are two USB ports and a combined SD/MMC slot for data cards. A DVD player is also included. An auxiliary input, guitar and microphone input ports are present. Guitar, microphone, echo, bass, treble and speaker volume knobs control their output level.

The speaker system produces 400-watts with 200-watt RMS. There are a 10-inch woofer and a 3-inch tweeter. The LCD screen can display song lyrics for participants to read and sing, but there’s also an output for the display to bring it to a larger screen too.

The wireless microphone (VHF) and a remote control both come with this karaoke system. The system supports one microphone directly but purchasing a Behringer MicromixMX400 product is inexpensive and permits splitting two microphones over the one input.

Portable karaoke speaker system

Guitar, microphone, bass, treble, echo and volume controls

Remote control

400-watt speaker system with 10-inch woofer and 3-inch tweeter

Color 7-inch LCD screen to read song lyrics

USB ports and SD/MMC slot to add external media

Bluetooth capabilities

VHF microphone provided
  No recording features with this product

Malfunctioning parts aren’t replaced and customer service severely lacking, according to some buyers

PA System with LED Party Lights, Wireless Portable Party Karaoke Machine

The PA System with LED Party Lights from Pure Acoustics brings the Suonosound to a portable package. The black model comes with two wireless microphones bearing the Pure Acoustics branding and on/off sliders on the side.

The speaker is a 45-watt one. The remote control can change the settings for this unit from a discrete distance. There’s a 1.5-inch LED display on the top to help with controls and display lyrics.singing machine portable karaoke

You can plug in an SD card filled with karaoke songs or a flash drive or a smartphone to the USB port if you don’t wish to use the Bluetooth connection. This is useful when the area is congested with Bluetooth-enabled devices making it difficult to maintain a solid connection that won’t cut out.

As well as the two wireless microphones, a corded mic can be plugged in too. The 2.6 Ah rechargeable battery offers up to 10 hours of use on a single charge and there’s a power cable to plug into a power outlet too.

Adjust the treble or bass levels, plus the two wireless microphones to get things sounding great. Then record your karaoke onto the storage to playback later.

Karaoke system on wheels

1.5-inch LED screen for song lyrics

45-watt speaker system

Plug in USB port for iPods and smartphones, and SD card slot for SD cards

Attractive disco lights

2.6 Ah rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours usage

Volume controls and adjustment for treble and bass
  No CD/DVD slot

Low sensitivity microphones

Pyle 500 Watt Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker

The Pyle 500-Watt Outdoor Portable system looks much more modern with a cool metallic speaker grill and lighting. It’s also taller and slender compared to more square-shaped offerings.

The backlit speaker is 8-inches with two 3-inch tweeters and the 8-inch subwoofer. It pumps out 500-watts of sound at the top end.portable karaoke machine with wireless microphone

The system has FM radio, but also connects to an MP3 player, a USB device and can access SD cards too. It can also record your singing to one of these digital facilities too.

The Bluetooth option lets you stream from your smartphone while singing on the supplied wireless microphone. One wireless microphone is provided. There’s a remote-control facility and the system connects to the power outlet too. A rechargeable battery also provides a few hours of untethered usage. The headphone socket and auxiliary input port are both useful additions too.

The one downside with this model is there’s no LED screen which would show the lyrics on it.

500-watt powerhouse karaoke machine

8-inch sub-woofer and two tweeters

USB and SD card slots

Two microphone sockets

Bluetooth controls

Separate remote-control

Wireless microphone

Fun backlight disco lights on the front speaker
   No LED screen to see the song lyrics

Singing Machine SML-383 Portable CDG Player Karaoke Machine, Black

The Singing Machine SML-383 Portable karaoke machine is a sleek black number with silver-colored knobs and sliding controls. It has disco lighting that can be turned off or on at will. There’s also a neat CD device the opens towards you to insert a CD-G disc.

There are dual speakers with a balance control to adjust which side has the most audio coming from it. Echo controls to adjust reverb too. The two microphone jacks at the front of the device on either side let you put in a corded microphone. One corded mic is provided which has an on/off switch on it.portable cd g karaoke machine

The output for video and sound makes it easy to push out the video to an external monitor or TV. A sample CD-G disc is provided to test playback, singing over the top of the music and pushing graphics with lyrics over to a TV. Numeric LED display for displaying track number. Track player controls are provided on the bottom-left at the front.

The circular dual speakers at the front have attractive blue disco lights all around them which flash. With the black shiny surface on the machine itself, it’s an attractive combination, especially in the dark. There’s also a power adapter for a power outlet to keep enjoying music and singing.

Sleek looking black karaoke machine

Front-loading CD-G player

Video and audio output sockets at the back

Two microphone sockets

Dual speakers

One corded microphone

Disco lighting around each speaker

  Numeric LED track number display
  The microphone can be unreliable; a better-quality mic probably a good secondary purchase

Electrohome Karaoke Machine Portable Speaker System

The Electrohome Karaoke Machine Portable Speaker System is an interesting model that looks very different from other types in this category. It’s a circular product with a stand at the back so it sits up at an angle.

It has a 3.5-inch LCD color screen at the front to display the song lyrics. There are controls for master volume, left and right sound balance, echo, and microphone balance. The CD-G player at the front has many buttons controls that are easily accessible too.gpx portable party machine

A USB port and a connection for smartphones is provided to access songs. Two microphone sockets are present; one microphone is included.

The AVC coaching voice system which works a little like autotune to help guide your singing; there’s also a control for that too.

Circular, small portable karaoke machine

CD-G CD player with full playback controls

One corded microphone; ports for two microphones

USB port and auxiliary connection for smartphones and iPods

  AVC coaching voice system to improve singing voice

 3.5-inch LCD screen to display song lyrics from CD-G tracks

  Control volume, echo, and microphone levels

Light 3.6 pounds
  Basic speakers suitable for a bedroom

GPX J082PR Portable Karaoke Player

The GPX J082PR Portable Karaoke Player is a round-shaped machine almost resembling a space-age kettle. It has a carry handle and a circular top with disco lighting to make things more interesting.

There are inputs to add two microphones for performing duets. One corded microphone is provided with this unit. It will play CD-G discs that come with the songs and the lyrics.memorex portable system

When singing, there is an echo feature to add more depth. There’s an automatic control for the vocals to balance out if you’re not perfectly in tune; anything is a help here when learning to sing better.

The GPX J082PR also doubles as a convenient music player with its build-in speaker and CD player. Player controls are provided on the front of the machine, along with a two-digital LED showing the current track selected or playing. There’s also an auxiliary option to connect to a TV so it can display the lyrics. It weighs only 3.2-pounds.

Circular karaoke and CD player

Plays CDs and CD-G discs

CD player controls at the front

Plugin two corded microphones; one microphone provided

Basic speaker

Auto voice turning for better singing

Auxiliary port to output display to a TV

LED showing track number

Weighs 3.2-pounds
  Microphone only works when music is playing

No FM radio

No headphone ports

Singing Machine SML343BK Portable Plug and Play CD+G Karaoke System

The Singing Machine SML343BK Portable Plug and Play system have a microphone, disco lights and a molded plastic carry handle. The disco lights are shown on either edge at the front.

The CD-G disc player is at the front of the device. There are player controls on the left side down the edge of the CD player. Two microphone inputs and an auxiliary input for a smartphone sit at the very bottom below the speaker above.portable wireless karaoke

A single corded microphone is provided. The rectangular speaker grill covers a powerful speaker system that’s sufficient to fill a bedroom with your singing voice and music too.

There is the Singing Machine AVC voice automated system as their version of autotune to improve your vocals. Every bit helps, right?!

Controls lining the far right on the unit provide volume, microphone, AVC, echo and speaker balance too.

The machine weighs 5.6 pounds.

Portable karaoke machine with molded plastic carry handle

CD-G disc player

  CD playback control and LED track number

  Supports two corded microphones

One mic provided

Weighs 5.6 pounds

Controls for volume, microphone, AVC, echo and speaker balance

AVC voice modulation to improve vocals

Auxiliary input to plug in smartphone or iPod
  Basic speaker only good enough for use in a bedroom


With these portable karaoke machines, it’s important to bear in mind that they’re relatively inexpensive units. There are professional karaoke machines for pubs, bars and other public venues that run into thousands of dollars. As such, these little units are made for pleasure usage with basic components that aren’t intended to last for 5-10 years in most cases.

They are ideal for small children to learn to sing and have fun with their friends. In most cases, they’re not the type of karaoke machine for professional use. When this is properly understood, it’s possible to buy a well-performing, good sounding product in this category that delivers on its promise and offers value for money.