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Easy Steps to Find Karaoke Bars Near Me

Finding good karaoke bars near you or even in the same state is not as easy as one might think. Singing karaoke isn’t always performed in dedicated venues. Some bars add a karaoke night on a quiet evening each week or two to drum up business.

Drinking venues that don’t get enough ladies in through the door often see success in that area by including karaoke for a “girl’s night out” even if the regulars disapprove. It’s good for drink sales and even a cover charge at the door at times.

                               “Karaoke is The Best Place To Celebrate.”

Many venues have occasional karaoke evenings and then shut them down if the people don’t flood through the door. It takes time to build up a following, and if the bar’s acoustics aren’t right, then semi-professional karaoke singers won’t grace the venue with their presence.

Anyone even half serious about it will find underperforming venues unappealing and stay away. As a result, the number of karaoke nights in a given city or town changes almost weekly.

This makes it tough for people interested in trying out their singing voice to find reliable sources of information other than pounding the sidewalk to check bars one by one.

With dedicated karaoke bars, these aren’t as plentiful and don’t always last. As such, the pickings are sometimes slimmer than desirable depending on the city and state concerned, and the general popularity of karaoke in the area.

Thankfully, there are a few options online and on your mobile device to make this process a little bit less painful. Here we run through your best ways to find a karaoke night or karaoke bar in your state:

Chicago: Windy City, Fun Nights

Being a big city, Chicago has plenty of bars that like to indulge in some karaoke nights to keep things interesting. Due to the sheer number of venues and nights where one may drop in for an evening of karaoke singing, a dedicated website like Chicago Karaoke Night provides easy access to state-specific activities in the area.

There is a search facility that allows interested parties to search for a local neighborhood or a specific address, and the day they’re interested in “painting the town red.” The most recent listings are shown on the homepage.

Listings include the venue name, contact number, address, and a link to a Google map for the location. Bars are also able to submit a listing for their events.karaoke bar near me

Official Travel Guides

Major cities and many towns that receive a fair amount of revenue from tourism have a dedicated website for this. New events are a popular section on these sites and in the case of the official site for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, there is no exception.

Bars and nightlife are searchable by name. Karaoke events, plus live music and other categories may be used to narrow down the search results.

The region, including Uptown, downtown, and elsewhere can be searched. There is no way presently to use a locality like a GPS or an IP address to find local venues.

Everyplace added has a listing with their name, address, a Google map link, opening hours, and the types of entertainment available (karaoke one night, live music another night).

Newspaper Local Listings

Many local newspapers have event sections where venues provide listings for their karaoke evenings. Craigslist is another way to narrow down the type of search by state, city, and town to track down new listings published locally.

Find Karaoke Tonight

Find Karaoke Tonight is an independent karaoke listings site where venues pay to list their events. Venue information displays the venue name, address, contact number, rating, suggested showtimes, and a wide-angle Google map (not just a link out to one).

A yelp is an excellent option for finding a local karaoke in your area. It is possible to search for karaoke bars as a category, and the city and state, to narrow down the criteria. Listings are linked here for Joliet IL and Atlanta GA.

Individual listings, like the one for Moon Dogs in Atlanta, provide venue information, a map, accurate opening and closing times, the days when open or closed, a suggested price range, and plenty of reviews. Listings can be sent to your phone with the click of a button.

There is also a plethora of standard venue questions answered, like the availability of parking, whether alcohol is served, if the venue has its own Wi-Fi, TV, or pool tables, etc.

Photos from the staff and customers alike are frequently added to listings to share the nights out. There are also the aforementioned customer reviews with star ratings, written comments by customers, and recommendations.

Yelp also has an app for accessing information quickly while on the move.

Check for relevant hashtags on X to find local karaoke nights that have sprung up unexpectedly or with little fanfare. It’s possible to pick up on groups that are heading out to new karaoke venues and share it with a tweet. Less well-known up-and-coming venues are often discovered this way.

Which is the Best Way to Find Karaoke Bars Near Me?

Local travel guides, the ones that are regularly updated by staff employed by the city tend to be good about staying current with events. They’re of topical interest and provide a good way to update their site with new local information.

Both Craigslist and local newspaper listings also have current listings which are likely to be reliable. It’s possible to view older listings on Craiglist, so be sure to check for how recently the ad was placed.

With Yelp, what you’re getting is a tailor-made, current directory for each city and town across all the states. The combination of excellent categorization to find what you’re looking for quickly, attractive listing layout, venue information including accurate opening and closing days/times, plus photos, reviews and more is a life-saver.

The addition of their mobile apps makes it easier to share the venue information with friends who are heading downtown for the meetup. All in all, this makes Yelp the most useful in finding karaoke bars near you.

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Where to Get the Best Karaoke Machine?

The one thing about karaoke machines is they don’t all either look alike or function the same way. Smaller, personal machines for the home user are more compact, lighter, and easier to use initially. Larger, karaoke machines mostly put to good use in bars, and other venues around the country are a different animal altogether.


It stands to reason that the largest retailers online offer a wide selection of machines to both home users and professional ones. Whether you’re looking for a model from Singing Machine, a stand, microphone, and compact stage kit from Voxx Electronics, or a full Audio2000 system complete with PA that’s ready out of the box for different-sized venues, they’ve got you covered.

For many of the most popular machines (and some of the less popular ones too), they’re in stock at an Amazon distribution center ready to package and send out.

For Amazon Prime members, free delivery within a couple of days to most parts of the country is also possible. This option is preferable over trying to arrange delivery from a local big box store or lifting the box into your trunk and out again when arriving home at the end of a long day.

Best Buy where can i buy a karaoke machine

The familiar blue ticket logo of Best Buy is a useful selection option. Looking online, their collection is wide and deep. Both karaoke machines, as well as karaoke accessories, are available. Well-known brands like HDKaraoke, the Singing Machine, and VocoPro are featured.

Filtering on the site is good with the ability to select by rating, brand, price band, and whether the item is currently discounted.

There are occasional clearance sales of older models which are available for a virtual steal. The only downside with Best Buy seems to be that shipping is often not available on karaoke machines (presumably due to both the size and weight inconvenience).

It is sometimes possible to hunt through for a karaoke machine that takes your fancy, then check if it’s available at your nearest store branch. This is a bit of a trial-and-error process.


Target is an interesting possibility. Not only does it have a nationwide collection of large stores, but its online presence is good too. For karaoke machines, they feature over 120 models.

The filtering of the results is far more selective and personalized than many other retailers. One can filter by type (karaoke machines and accessories like strobe lights, audio mixers, vinyl turntables, etc.), color (black, purple, clear, mixed colors), and a host of other selectable options (features, display size, compatibility, brand, and more).

Quite often, the products are only available in stores. They cannot be bought online with delivery arranged in one seamless transaction. However, three types of delivery options are available depending on how urgently the karaoke machine is needed.recommended karaoke machine


When wanting to find the largest auction site in the world, take a look at the selection of karaoke machines through eBay’s listings. The best Karaoke systems, individual machines, karaoke microphones (wired and wireless), mixers, and more are selectable through the navigation. Some of the products are compatible with either iOS or Android systems to access stored musical libraries.

The types of systems vary tremendously depending on what’s been put up for sale. Some of the products are new and sold through independent third-party sellers, whereas others are private sales by current owners looking to get the best price for their two-year-old karaoke machine.

Discontinued models, small personal ones, and surprisingly well-equipped commercial venue machines are often available within the eBay auction market. For simplicity of purchase, it’s often possible to make a direct offer to buy outright rather than needing to bid back and forth trying to win an auction and possibly being disappointed.

Second-hand (previously owned) vs. buying new is a key consideration. With new items, you get access to the latest features and a greater level of protection from manufacturing faults. Buying second-hand, you stand to save money, but there’s added risk bundled in with that benefit.

Buying an item twice because the first second-hand item ended up being a dud two months’ later might end up costing the same as if you’d purchased a new one with warranty protection from the start.

With eBay purchases, it is a good idea to look for protection with the item. After all, you usually won’t know the seller. Take a good look through their overall rating and the individual reviews with comments from previous buyers.

Were their previous customers happy? Were any issues quickly addressed to the satisfaction of their customer or was the buyer left hanging? Are there any glaring warning signs? It’s important to note that the cheapest deal is not always the best one.

When something is too inexpensive, there’s often a hidden reason for it. As with all electronic items, things can go wrong. When buying outside of the warranty protection period, there isn’t a lot of recourse when buying a faulty or intermittently faulty product; especially an electronic one.

Going Direct

The largest brands like The Singing Machine have their websites where they often sell directly to customers. It’s not always possible to get discounted offers or sometimes free or reduced-cost shipping, but they may have stock when all other retailers are sold out of a particular SKU.

Difficulty Accessing the Exact Model

Accessing the Karaoke machine that you want is not so easy because it’s a large, heavy item to ship out. Furthermore, it’s quite bulky taking up considerable space for a seller or in a warehouse storage space.

The more specific you get about the make and model chosen, the less flexibility you’ll have with where you can source it. Not every model is available from every retailer, and most won’t deliver to your door. The local big box store may have some models, but not others and will take the time to get the exact model you’re looking for into stock for you. Then, they’ll have to arrange delivery when you’re home too.

Do bear this in mind when deciding where to get our karaoke machine.

                                     “LOVE MUSIC, PLAY MUSIC and SING MUSIC”

Related Buyer’s Guide

professional karaoke machine for sale

Frequently Asked Questions About Karaoke Machine – FAQ’s

  • What is a karaoke?

Karaoke is a type of interactive entertainment in which the singer will sing along with the recorded music with the microphone. The particular music could be an instrumental version that is well-known for the popular song.

The music entertainment system also provides the prerecorded accompaniment for any kind of popular song so that the performer could sing live and it is followed by the words on a video screen. Karaoke originally from Japan is considered as the best pastime for people in which the amateurs will sing instrumental versions of famous songs.

  • How can you get the best sound from a karaoke system?

We stay open-minded and attempt to help people on a deeply personal level with their decisions. Since there is a great rise of karaoke around the world, many numbers of contests become a phenomenon in mainstream culture thus it gives nonprofessional singers the best option for showcasing their skills and talents to win prizes extensively.

The karaoke system involves a Multi-format disc player that would support DVD, DivX, VCD, and CD/DVD+-R formats. HDMI output that would be compatible with receivers and the latest TVs. Dual microphone inputs along individual volume control karaoke system with the built-in Echo effect.

  • Where can I find music for my karaoke machine?

Now you can have chances to download thousands of music files on your karaoke machine. Most of the sites offer the best music to the user. Most of the websites offer great music for your karaoke machine to get the ultimate experience.

Moreover, you can download music based on your exact needs, to find the best music start to browse online; it is the ultimate platform to find new music. Even you do not need to follow any complicated procedure to download music files. Most of the music stores offer a great variety of songs in different file formats so you can choose the best options to meet your needs.

  • What is a Karaoke CDG or CD+G?

Karaoke CDG or CD+G is the extension of the standard compact disc to present low-resolution graphics with audio data that could be played on a compatible device. Karaoke CDG is useful for all kinds of karaoke machines that have the functionality to display on-screen lyrics on the disc.

Normally CD+G format has many advantageous subcode channels R through channels W that are unused with standard audio CD formats. CD+G system involves 16 color graphics (4-bit) that are displayed based on 300×216 pixels in size raster field. The dedicated Karaoke machines can be mixed along with the other consumer devices to play CD+G formats.

  • What is a Karaoke VCD and DVD?

The modern Karaoke machine is more than just a vocal player as this Next Generation uses highly advanced digital video and audio jukebox technology. Karaoke VCD and DVD are simply the standard CDROM/DVDs that are formatted for storing the “datafiles” based on the Windows file structure.

The Karaoke songs could be stored on VCD and DVD so that they are portable anywhere for playing the song. Karaoke files could be moved to CD or DVD for immediate access to songs, and there is no need to carry hundreds of discs around. Karaoke VCD and DVD can be inserted in the appropriate player.

  • Different Types Of Karaoke Machines

At present, you can find different types of Karaoke machines with their own merits. There are different karaoke machines available that help to meet your exact needs and demands.

The karaoke machines are ideally available based on your demand. You need to choose a particular model based on your preference. There are four types of the best karaoke machines which getting great popularity among people such as
All-In-One System:
It is one of the most popular karaoke systems available with unique options.
MP3 System:
It is one of the smallest karaoke players available with its features.
Built-In Microphone:
This machine is available with a built-in microphone at the same time you can use built-in song selection to get great excitement.
TV Monitor System:
This karaoke system is available with a CD player even if it includes one or two speakers.

  • Does my karaoke machine come with a warranty?

Of course, the karaoke machine comes with a warranty from the date of purchase from the authorized distributor. It is necessary to avail proof for purchasing the necessary repair or replacement service for the karaoke machine. The Karaoke Machine acts as a guide for the singer in the contest and improves the skills in the best way.

Read the warranty information before purchasing the product carefully and read the Warranty Information online. In case, you have any kind of technical issues with the karaoke machine; it is convenient to avail of the warranty of the product from the retailer.

  • How much do your machines cost?

For making the music and lyrics without the vocals, Karaoke, the machine was invented by the famous Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese musician. The Lyrics of each song would be displayed on a video screen that has changing colors and moving symbols.

Improving our singing skills is convenient using the Karaoke machine so that buying the machines would be suitable. Karaoke machine’s costs vary according to the features installed in the device so it would be convenient to buy the branded machines online to save money. Many singers like to use the karaoke machine to improve their vocal action with machine activity.

  • Do All Disc Formats Play On All Karaoke Players?

Choosing the right kind of disc is important to enjoy music anywhere now most of people prefer discs instead of downloading. In general, downloads are immediately available after purchase. In general, most of the karaoke machines support the following music file formats such as WMA, WAV, and MP3.

Even the popular karaoke music file formats include WMA+G and MP3+G. At present, most of them consider purchasing original music; it is the popular solution, and people can purchase music either in digital or physical form after that users can easily convert music into a karaoke format.

  • What is the difference between CDGs, VCDs, and DVDs?
    In general, this format contains two versions of each song one version if available with lead vocals, and another version available without lead vocals. This format also allows for displaying synchronized graphics.
    VCD Karaoke files are considered MPEG-1 video versions; it gains popularity in Asian countries. This version has great popularity due to enhanced video quality, and this format does not contain lead vocals, but it includes background vocals.
    DVD Karaoke files are the most preferred option, and it is the enhanced version of VCD Karaoke files. This format is also available with DVD functions this kind of files offer menu-driven options that help to enjoy playback features.