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Best Karaoke Mixer Amplifier Reviews 2024

There are several theories about the birth of karaoke. One says it was born with the development of the first karaoke machine in Kobe, Japan in 1971. Others, however, insist the origins of karaoke go back practically to the invention of recorded music more than a century ago.

But whether it originated a century ago in some unknown venue or during the 70s in Kobe the fact is that it wasn’t until about 30 years ago that karaoke as we have come to know it took off.

Today, karaoke is a worldwide phenomenon that has spread from wherever it may have originated to every part of the globe. From Karaoke booths at shopping malls in Minnesota to hundreds of tiny Karaoke bars dotting the landscape in Thailand, Karaoke has become an accepted and beloved form of entertainment for young and old, rich and poor.

Whether you’re looking to bring the fun into your house so you can have it handy for big parties or to ramp up the energy at your club, a karaoke mixer amplifier is an essential piece of equipment.

Below We Present The 5 Best Karaoke Mixer Amplifier Reviews

PYLE PT265BT Bluetooth 200W Digital Receiver Amplifier

karaoke mixer with hdmi

Pyle is a respected name in audio so you can be sure they’re not going to sully their reputation by putting out the second rate anything; including karaoke amplifiers. True to form, the PT265 BT is a quality piece of audio equipment that will allow you to stream wireless audio from your mobile phone, tablet, or PC via Bluetooth.

You also have the option to attach your CD player or another device through the system’s aux inputs. The PT265 BT also features an AM/FM radio you can use as source audio to broaden the scope of your karaoke escapades. Some of the unit’s features include:

  • Built-in Bluetooth technology: Stream audio from your phone or another device directly to the PT265 via Bluetooth and turn any location into a party town. No need to juggle with or trip over unsightly cables or have to call a halt to proceedings because you don’t have the right cable. Just set up the amp, plug in the mics, stream audio from your external device, and par-tay.
  • AM/FM Radio with 50 Memory Presets: The PT265 BT is also an AM/FM radio that features up to 50 memory presets so your favorite station is never more than a button away. Plug the dual mics and have a blast singing along to your favorite tracks.
  • Full Wireless Karaoke Mode: Unlike most karaoke amps the PT265 BT allows you to sing along to music from numerous sources with no strings attached; literally. The full Bluetooth capability of the PT265 means it has a leg up on much of the competition from a practical as well as a logistical standpoint. You also have many more potential sources of music to call on than you do with other amps, so you’re never at a loss to find someone’s favorite song.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to upgrade your home entertainment center the PT265 BT will turn even the most mundane basement or moribund living room into the beating heart of your home in no time flat.

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Hisonic MA222 Karaoke Mixer Amplifier

best karaoke mixer amplifier review

Like the PT265 BT and other systems on this list, the Hisonic MA222 is defined by its versatility. Turn any CD+G player, DVD, PlayStation, or other game console instantly into a karaoke machine with the MA222.

What’s more, is that you can also use the MA222 as a powerful amplifier by just toggling the “player mode” switch. Here’s a shortlist of just some of the MA222’s features:

  • Bass, treble, tone, echo, and of course master volume control: You have total control over what’s being heard, which allows you to play to different people’s strengths to present their voices in the best possible light.
  • Two free microphones included with the amp: Finding good mics can be a hassle, but there’s no need to waste an afternoon shopping when Hisonic provides you with 2 high-quality mics right out of the box.
  • Audio input/output as well as speaker connections: Attach multiple different devices to the MA222 and hook it directly into your powerful speakers for an even more robust audio product.
  • 3 microphone jack inputs: So you’ve plugged in the 2 quality mics that came with the MA222, but there’s one more person who wants to join in. No problem. Just plug in the third mic of your own and dig on those sweet, sweet harmonies.
  • 1-year limited manufacturer Warranty: In the unlikely event something goes wrong with your MA222 karaoke mixer the manufacturer will repair or replace it free of charge for up to 1 year. (Some restrictions apply. Read the warranty card for details.)
  • Total weight a mere 5 kgs: Setting up the MA222 or moving it from home to the club or home to your friend’s house is easy as pie.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to upgrade your home entertainment system with karaoke capability but thought it would be too costly and complex. Well, there’s no need to worry anymore because the MA222 connects simply and seamlessly between your DVD player and the rest of your system.

Just as quickly as that your home entertainment possibilities have expanded exponentially and next time there’s a party no one will ever be at a loss for something to keep the crowd happy. Retire your Trivial Pursuit board once and for all with the MA222. All in all a real party starter.

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Pyle PMXAKB2000 – 2000 Watt DJ Karaoke Mixer and Amplifier

digital karaoke mixer

For the next entry on our list, we head back to Pyle for their PMXAKB2000 (Say that 3 times fast!). This clumsily named karaoke amp is anything but clumsy when it comes to performance. Like its cousin, the PT265 BT the PMXAKB2000 (Can we just call it ‘the 2000’? Great) features Bluetooth wireless technology that enables wireless streaming for various devices. Some of the features of this incredible karaoke amp include:

  • Audio mixing with 2 mics, Bluetooth, or RCA input.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology for painless streaming from your favorite devices.
  • Microphone talk-over capability.
  • Crystal clear LCD digital display.
  • USB and SD memory card compatibility.
  • Home theater interconnectivity.
  • Compatible with most contemporary TVs.
  • Effects processor compatibility.

This is a rugged, well-built, extremely versatile unit. This rack-mounted amp will have DJs raising their hands to the sky and party animals singing its praises in no uncertain terms. Power up your laptop and stream your music library to 2000 instantly. Same with your smartphone or tablet. Have a USB device that’s overflowing with downloaded music? Pop it into 2000 and rock with them like never before.

This karaoke sound mixer doesn’t straddle the line between home entertainment and serious professional kit; it obliterates it. Adjust the key of your source music using the built-in 9-step digital controller.

A real lifesaver for those whose voice is not necessarily versatile (which is just about everybody!) If you still need to treat a voice just a bit to harness its potential, use the effects loop input to connect an outboard effects processor. Your singer will be ready for their Grammy Award before the song is over.

The mixer on 2000 has 2 mic inputs along with a pair of line inputs for source devices. If you have video content you want to watch while singing 2000, you can also connect your DVD/VCD (does anyone use VCDs anymore?) player and ramp up the ambiance while your budding pop star gives it her all.

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EBK37 Pro 700-watt Digital Karaoke Mixer Amp from EMB

karaoke mixer amps

The EBK37 Pro Karaoke Mixer Amp by EMB is a great little amp. Actually, at 700 watts it’s not a little amp at all as you’ll find out in a hurry if you hook it up to a pair of serious speakers.

It’s no exaggeration to say the EBK37 is one of the best under $200 karaoke mixer amplifier units you can buy with blue sky sound that’s free of noise even when cranked to the max, a deep, resonant bass that’s never buzzy and crisp, clean treble. Some of the many features of the EBK37 include:

  • Excellent build quality: The external case is solidly constructed to stand up to the rigors of frequent moving. The unit includes a conveniently placed handle that makes things even easier and acts as a kind of protective barrier for some of the unit’s control buttons.
  • Powerful Output: The EBK37 peaks at 700 watts and you’ll experience all of that if you push it (although it is a karaoke mixer amplifier so we’re not sure why you’d necessarily want to push it that far). If you peruse online reviews, you’ll see some customers complaining of low power and that it’s hard to hear anything coming out of the EBK37. We think this is in fact due to these reviewers not being aware that the system includes a reset volume to zero function when the unit is powered off. Therefore when they power back up, the volume is by default set to zero. Disabling this ‘reset to zero’ feature is a simple matter of flipping the right switch. Consult your owner’s manual.
  • Sound quality: Sound quality is excellent at all levels. The unit delivers a clear sound with no distortion or AC noise. The equalizers work as advertised and the whole unit is designed to help you turn even the most tone-deaf utterances into studio-worthy music. The tone up/down function can be a little argumentative but not enough so that it can be considered the real drawback. All in all, if it’s the power you’re after from your karaoke system, the EBK37 is the way to go.

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Pyle PMXAKB1000 – 1000 Watt DJ Karaoke Mixer and Amplifier

best karaoke mixer amplifier reviews

Once again we return to the “Pyle”. This time with the PMXAKB1000 (from here on out ‘the 1000’). Like its counterpart with the equally ill-advised, consonant-blizzard of a name 1000 boasts Bluetooth technology allowing you to effortlessly access all those songs you have stored on your mobile phone, desktop computer, or tablet. 1000 really kicks out the amps (1000 as the name implies) with 500 on each channel at 4 Ohms. Features include:

  • Bluetooth 3 capability for effortless wireless streaming.
  • Access music libraries on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • Easily rack-mountable.
  • Dual microphone inputs.
  • 2 videos in/out connections and 2 line inputs.
  • EQ capability on each channel.
  • Digital 9-step ‘key’ control and digital echo for more accurate vocals.
  • Compatible with some external devices including effects processors.

After having lavished so much praise on this unit’s big brother in our review above, it’s hard to find something new to say except that many of the same superlatives apply to 1000 as applied to 2000. Both expand the horizons of the karaoke experience; both are built to last and both have adequate power to live up to the expectations of even the most demanding DJ.

With a PMXAKB1000 you won’t just be the life of the party you’ll be the party. So whether you’re looking for that killer piece of entertainment tech that will shift the landscape of parties with family and friends or you need a serious mixer for karaoke that will send ravers into a frenzy, 1000 is your best bet. Make the 1000 part of your entertainment focus and take advantage of ridiculous prices at the moment.

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Tips For Selecting the Best Karaoke Mixer Amplifier

Unless you’re dripping in dough and can afford to make plenty of mistakes, you’ll want to have some idea regarding what to look for by way of choosing the best karaoke mixer amp for you, your home, or your fledgling entertainment venue. Below we’ll go into several things you’ll want to keep in mind before laying down your hard-earned on a karaoke amplifier mixer. Not every item will be relevant to every situation but just keep an open mind and stay focused on those things that do apply to you.

  • Formats: This used to be a fairly straightforward thing as most karaoke systems were driven by and designed for CDs. Not anymore. As you can see karaoke mixer amplifier, technology has moved on and today CDs are just one of many common karaoke source formats.
    CD+Gs (CDs + Graphics): The CD+G (compact disc plus graphics) has been a force in karaoke for many years. Not every system will be CD+G compatible though so if that’s something that you’re after don’t assume the system you have your eyes on will be able to handle it. Check first.
    DVDs: A system that can integrate seamlessly with your DVD player will be far more engaging than if it were simply music only.
    MP3+G: This format has gained more widespread acceptance in recent years. MP3+G tracks are CD+G tracks that are compressed by special software. Most karaoke machines will play MP3+G files and if you have a Pyle system with Bluetooth you can stream these from your mobile.
  • Cloud: Everyone’s gone to the cloud. From cloud-based word processing to karaoke files the cloud has settled in over tech for some reasons including security, affordability, environmental responsibility, and more. With the karaoke cloud, you pay a small monthly fee to access a karaoke library that’s constantly being updated. This may be the best way to go for those with limited storage capacity who want constantly updated content.
  • All-in-One Systems: These include all the major components you’ll need to create a top-of-the-line karaoke system including a player, amp, mixer, and any necessary cables. Beware, however, that one maker’s “complete” system is another maker’s “incomplete” system.amplifier mixer karaoke
  • Compatibility: If you have any hope of integrating your new karaoke components with the rest of your home or club entertainment systems, you’ll need to do a thorough check on compatibility. Hard-drive players typically have video outputs which means they’ll work with most TVs. Laptops, by comparison, may use HDMI outputs or S-video. You may even be dealing with a radio frequency converter on an old TV so be careful. You’ll also want to check whether the system you’re buying is stereo or surround-sound compatible.
  • Karaoke Mixers: A powered karaoke microphone mixer allows for greater control over the signal sent to the speakers. Perfect if you need to give someone’s voice a boost. We’d recommend that you always look for a system with at least 4 channels and an output of at least 500 watts.
  • The right microphones: Last but not least what’s a great karaoke system without great microphones? Some systems come with their mics, and occasionally they’ll be high-quality products. But just as often you’ll want to invest in better quality mics of your own such as those by Shure or AKG. You may also want to invest in wireless mics to allow your singers greater mobility.

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The right karaoke mixer amplifier can add several levels of enjoyment to your home or club entertainment capabilities, but you should be wary about jumping at one just because it’s being offered at an attractive price. Read reviews and measure the system’s capabilities and compatibility with your existing entertainment hardware. There are so many karaoke systems available today that you don’t have to settle for the first one that comes along.

Any of the 5 systems reviewed here will make you proud and represent a worthwhile investment from our perspective. Of course, you may have something entirely different in mind, but if it’s value and performance you seek, you should strongly consider one of the above.

There aren’t thousands of dollars on the line, but money is money and money wasted can’t be unwasted. The bottom line take your time, compile a list of those features you want, as well as any compatibility issues that may be relevant, and then make an informed decision based on what you’ve found.

We hope you found this review of the best karaoke mixer amplifier systems helpful and be sure to mention us to a friend.

karaoke music cds
Karaoke Accessories

Where to Get Best Karaoke Music CDs

Having bought your karaoke machine for either your home or an entertainment venue, the next thing is to buy your collection of tunes. This is done by buying a few tasteful karaoke music CDs from a retailer who either specializes in these types of products or from a large enough online retailer like Amazon.com that carries almost every product on Earth.

Looking at Amazon

Amazon.com has CDs and vinyl sections just for Karaoke music and instrumental songs to add vocal talents to boost them up for an audience. The range at Amazon is excellent with the very latest releases for up-to-the-minute songs from popular artists of today, as well as golden oldies from decades past.

In addition, certain brands like Disney have pulled together their classics that appeal to either kids or adults who’ve enjoyed the music played on Disney favorites and want to sing along with them later.
One of the advantages of Amazon is their Prime subscription where loyal customers can get faster, free delivery. Many of the karaoke music CDs are sets of up to 5 CDs in individual cases which certainly adds to their bulk and the normal cost of shipping when using other retailers.

Disney Karaoke Music Cd Series

The Disney Karaoke series is a collection of CDs from the movie and cartoon maker. The best tunes from their myriad of popular entertainment titles are usually released with and without vocal performances to help people sing along.

The Disney Favorites CD is a good one because it is a compendium of 9 popular Disney-related songs, with both vocal and instrumental versions. Beginner karaoke singers will find the vocal versions to sing to initially but later will upgrade to singing on their own.

karaoke music cds

Disney’s Frozen

For the fans of the Frozen animated movie, Disney released their Frozen Karaoke CD. The product contains 8 of the tracks heard on the movie, provided in both instrumental and vocal versions.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

The continuing popularity of the classic Beauty and the Beast story transcends age groups. Access the best songs from this immortal love story. Their single CD product contains 16 songs divided evenly into instrumental and vocal versions.

100 Hits: Summer Party

For anyone who wants to get in the mood for summertime, 100 Hits has you covered with their Summer Party karaoke release. The extensive 100-track, 5-CD package includes many classic upbeat tunes to get you in the mood for dancing and looking forward to hot summer rays.

The tunes include “Heat Wave,” “Walking on The Sunshine,” “Summer of ’69,” and “Surfing USA” to name just a few of the best tracks. Even the timidest of singers is likely to less loose with these foot-tapping tunes.

Going Retro

100 Hits continues its topical releases with a selection of memorable tunes from the decades. They begin with their “Super 70s Karaoke” product that features 100 songs including “Hopelessly Devoted,” “Grease,” We Will Rock You,” Jive Talking,” and “Born to be Alive”.

Not to miss out, the 80s which have gained some resurgence of interest lately is covered with 100 songs that are easy to remember and sing. Songs like “Thriller,” “Fame,” “Footloose,” and “Take My Breath Away” are certain to be popular. The 2000 decade is celebrated with 100 Hits too with a collection of tracks that will get you thinking back a few years.

Songs like “Toxic,” “Crazy in Love,” “Get the Party Started,” “Where is the Love?” and lots more bring the memories back to the surface. Going access to rock songs is also with 100 Hits. They have Rock Classics with 100 songs like “Living on a Prayer,” “Eye of the Tiger,” “It’s My Life,” and “The Power of Love.”

The Love Connection

When you only want to sing love songs, then the Love Karaoke CD from 100 Hits is a good option. The collection is well covered with “Vogue,” “All That She Wants,” “I Will Always Love You,” Mambo No. 5,” Truly Madly Deeply,” and “Losing My Religion” tracks among the many included.


When you absolutely, positively must sing with a partner (to cover your bad singing or just because it’s more fun!) then a duet’s karaoke CD is the way to go.

If you wish to scream it out loud, then “Ain’t no mountain high enough” is going to be right up your alley. Going all Grease, try out “You’re the one that I want”. Alternatively, “Love Shack” is always popular as a fun one to try out.


For something spicier, the R&B collection also has 100 hits that let you put some sass into your performance on stage. Tracks like “Bootylicious,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” “Where is the Love?” and “Let me blow ya mind” are all certain to get the crowd into your groove.

Best Buy

The retailer does have a section for karaoke music CDs, which is broken down by format, genre, and sub-genre. There is a shipping charge for the CDs and CD sets which add to the cost of each item.

Karaoke Warehouse

The Karaoke Warehouse is primarily a provider of karaoke products rather than delving heavily into karaoke CDs specifically. Their music collection is broken down into English, Latin, New Releases, and Downloads. It is also possible to create your custom CDs by putting together the tunes that you want via their association with All-Star Custom.

Song Downloads

The Singing Machine has a store for downloading karaoke music in various genres like Latin, Holiday, Rock, Country, Christian, Disney, Children, etc.

Downloading songs requires a technically proficient buyer who understands how to download and then burn a CD with the tracks for use on their karaoke machine. In most cases, it’s simply easier to buy pre-made CDs to cut out the fuss, and it saves stocking up on blank CDs too. Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

Whichever songs you’re looking for, it’s not difficult to locate them. There is now an excellent CD range for karaoke singing thanks to its ever-growing popularity. Singing solo, as a duet, or in groups, there are songs to suit all occasions.

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